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Quality commercial flooring for a variety of industries

Design and Performance that Mean Business

Big Box Retail Flooring

From boutiques to mass merchants, retail businesses require a unique blend of prioritizing both design and performance. With our portfolio of products, you always get both.

Design for your brand with stunning visuals and a wide color palette across all flooring types, creating an atmosphere that attracts customers and encourages repeat visits. Want a custom design to make your brand unforgettable? At Real Floors Commercial, we have the flooring for that.

We take pride in providing flooring that holds up to the masses of foot traffic, while relying on industry-leading scratch, stain, and scuff resistance to keep your floors looking newer, longer.

With a nationwide team of experienced Project Managers and installers, we’ve completed some of the biggest projects for major players in every vertical. Our diverse industry experience ensures your needs will be met no matter what you’re trying to accomplish.

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The Foundation for Everyday Life

Multi-Family Flooring

The cross-section of designing for residential living and the need for commercial-level performance is a delicate balance. At RFCI, our diverse portfolio simplifies the need to fashion a welcoming space, but offers durable and long-lasting beauty.

Whether it’s the living space, lobby, hallways, or common area, there’s a floor to meet design and performance expectations.

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The beauty of a showroom floor is proportionate to the perceived quality and luxury of the automobiles themselves.

Automotive Flooring

Tough flooring to meet the demanding needs of your automotive dealership’s service department and showroom floors.

When you deal in cars, showcasing is everything. Those doors open and people flood your dealership; admiring all the newest vehicles and all their amenities. From the showroom to the service center, you’ll make it big… if you’ve got the right look.

We can offer you the expert advice your floor deserves and create something that reflects your specifications to make everything last for many years to come.

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Let's perform a stunning show together!

Family Entertainment Flooring

Whether you are building a theater, a restaurant, an arcade, or another facility that competes for the entertainment dollar, every aspect of the project has to pay its way in delivering the most important metric of all: revenue per square foot.

When it comes to elevating your guests’ experience, every last detail counts. Our entertainment flooring solutions can help you do just that!

Our wide selection of floors allow your business to withstand heavy foot traffic, offering abrasion-resistance, facilitating easy clean-up, and maintaining appeal.

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Healthier & Safer Floor Coverings for Senior Living

Assisted Living Flooring

Flooring in senior living care can have a direct impact on residents and staff. At RFCI we understand the importance of non-slip flooring and its effect on safety, comfort, acoustics and creating a warm and inviting environment. That is why we give you access to a complete portfolio of high-performance soft surface and advanced textile composite flooring products engineered to stand up to the multipurpose demands of senior living spaces.

Combined with the practiced approach of evidence-based design, our products provide a solid foundation for enhanced living and healing environments ranging from independent and assisted living to skilled nursing, Alzheimer’s, and memory care facilities.

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Durable for Business. Beautiful for Guests.

Restaurant Flooring

Attractive, durable and sanitary floors—the perfect recipe for today’s commercial kitchens, restaurants and bars. We understand that keeping your kitchen running efficiently while complying with safety standards is paramount to your reputation.

In a restaurant, bar or commercial kitchen space, design sets businesses apart. Visual appeal — and the atmosphere that design creates — will mold any guest’s first impression. Our flooring products will help you create world-class experiences for guests, with the performance to meet lofty business expectations.

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Building a Welcoming Setting for Guests

Hospitality Flooring

Flooring says a lot about a business to customers, employees and stakeholders. Whether it’s in a high-profile entryway, a high-traffic corridor or a personal room, quality flooring that fits seamlessly into a broader design vision can have a powerful effect on visitors. Ultimately, it’s an investment to help create an atmosphere that contributes to a great customer experience and brings visitors back again and again.

A high frequency of foot traffic also demands hospitality flooring to be made of long-lasting design elements to ensure a certain level of reliability.

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The Holistic Approach to Healing and Well-Being

Medical & Healthcare Flooring

Healthcare is constantly changing, from demographic shifts and rising costs, to the evolution of wellness and transition to value-based care. One thing that remains constant? Healthy environments support the healing process, and that begins at the ground level. By using evidenced-based design, RFCI seeks to create flooring solutions that contribute to greater connection, safety, and overall well-being.

It begins with cleanliness and infection control, the paramount concern in healthcare settings. A floor’s ability to be effectively cleaned plays a large part in patient safety, especially in spaces that require an aseptic, sterile environment — operating rooms, as well as pre-op exams and post-op recovery spaces. Smart flooring decisions in the healthcare setting not only drive more efficient installations and simple maintenance, but they can also make the difference between an uneasy experience and a healing stay — one that reduces noise, and presents a clean, healing environment through evidence-based color and pattern choices.

Whether it’s durability, infection control, maintenance, or acoustics needs, we’ve already thought it through — providing world-class flooring as a foundation to world-class care.

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Colors to Inspire Brand & Culture

Corporate & Office Flooring

From meeting rooms to meditation rooms, the workplace culture is changing. In addition to traditional workspaces, design can include cafeterias and fitness centers — showcasing an invigorated focus on well-being and company culture.

At RFCI, we offer flooring that can adapt to a new need for both performance and well-being. Because the workplace isn’t just for work — it’s a space to thrive.

In a corporate environment having quality office flooring is crucial, both aesthetically for potential clients and in creating a comfortable environment for your employees.

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Brilliant Colors to Inspire Imaginations

Education Flooring

From preschool to higher education, the look of education is transforming, and so are the needs. To attract the best and brightest — both students and faculty — schools and universities are moving away from traditional design, and instead embracing bright, beautiful, sophisticated spaces that elevate their image, as well as the educational experience.

Practical way-finding that confidently leads a child to the classroom, or building school spirit through intricate, customized logo designs — color is abundant for designing healthy and attractive environments.

In an age where school budgets need to be maximized, school districts look to versatile education spaces that provide maximum value to the staff and students. The flexibility of a multipurpose room is appealing, but it’s only as useful as the performance of the floor it’s designed with. Flooring that meets durability expectations, while also reducing lifecycle and maintenance costs, always gets an A+ for creating excellent learning environments that meet budgets.

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Colors to Inspire Brand & Culture

Tenant Improvement Flooring

If you are a property manager, you probably understand the challenges of selecting the right flooring. When looking for the right option for a tenant fit out, you want to find a product that will offer you an updated look that will fit your budget and hold up well for your new tenant.

At the same time, you are probably looking for a flooring company who understands your needs for quick turnaround.

RFCI has both the efficient service you need and the variety of flooring products in stock to find the right selection for any rental property.

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A Perfect Fit for Public Projects

Government & Military Flooring

We’re deeply familiar with public contracting, working closely within installation and material requirements set forth by GSA schedules and state bodies.

With the need to keep costs down during multi-year military housing occupations, we send our experienced professionals into the field to oversee projects at any given base. This way, our clients will work with the same contact throughout the project, and you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the best service available.

Working with government building and procurement professionals to determine the best floor covering solutions for their unique requirements, RFCI offers the highest levels of styling, value, quality, sustainability, durability, and ease of maintenance for government facilities.

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